Now Amazon Launched an Official Apps for Shopify

Team Flowing Horse
2 min readNov 16, 2023

Amazon has 200 million Prime members all over the world, and 167 million in the US. With an official app from Amazon — Buy with Prime— both sellers and buyers on Shopify on eligible for the benefits and services of Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members could choose to use Amazon Prime fulfillment services on a Shopify store.


If you are a Shopify merchant, there are several benefits to using Buy with Prime:

  • It is totally free and requires no coding.
  • Buy with Prime may boost your sales with its brand recognition and guaranteed fulfillment services.
  • Buy with Prime is also working with BigCommerce, email marketing services, and social marketing channels. You could build a multi-e-commerce platform with it.
  • You have an accurate customer cohort who are Amazon Prime members.

If you want to use Buy with Prime, you need to match the requirements and take considerations below:

  • You need to be an Amazon seller(Professional Seller Central account or a Multi-Channel Fulfillment account) and have an Amazon Pay account(Add Amazon Pay as a Wallet in Shopify Payments).
  • You need to link your Shopify SKU with your Amazon SKU.
  • Buy with Prime is not going to work with Shopify’s own cart and cart apps, nor you could combine SKUs outside Amazon. This means inconsistent experiences for different products.
  • Your overall operations will be more dependable on Amazon. Even the products that don’t have the Buy with Prime feature must comply with Amazon’s product policies.